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Our Purpose:

We believe that when women are economically empowered the whole society benefits.

We want to support women entrepreneurs to bring their venture and business ideas into reality, through sharing knowledge and skills.


We bring together a set of skilled coaches and entrepreneurs to guide women step by step in creating their businesses through our 5 weeks in-person program running 2x a year:


March until May 2022 & From September until November 2022


Our program consists of one full package which is:


1 – From Idea to product and from product to market


Join us for an opportunity to learn, meet and connect with other female entrepreneurs, let’s make this community the most valuable community for women in business.

Business Creation Accelerator Program

  1. 5 weeks masterclass with experts covering a wide range of topics
  2. Benefit from free office space
  3. Coffee, Tea Snacks
  4. E-learning platform for entrepreneurs and community
Module 1: Business case
  • Solid value proposition: What is the product/service – Who is the customer? – Why should customers buy from you?
  • How do you differentiate from your competition
  • Define your brand (Branding)
  • How to access first customers and get traction
  • How to protect your brand (Intellectual property)
Module 2: Business Plan
  • Creation process and roadmap
  • Define key milestones with specific dates
  • Translate your roadmap into numbers with a business plan
  • Integrate the right team members. Integrate the right co-founders and advisors
  • Set up your company
Module 3: Funding Phase
  • Develop your pitch deck
  • Identify different funding sources
  • Get ready for negotiations with investors
  • Pitching session




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